After being in private practice for many years, I have seen that when feelings of inadequacy exist but remain hidden from awareness problems arise in the way we function that result in loneliness, disconnection and shame. I have also discovered that feelings of inadequacy are reinforced by the stress associated with experiencing challenge and disappointment, experiences that are normal and unavoidable, especially outside the protective bubble of a sheltered, over-controlled, and often micro- managed childhood. It appears, that these experiences are perceived as ‘evidence’ of unworthiness, which then generates a cascade of negative feelings resulting in anxiety and depression.

This psycho-educational program is therefore designed to explain the origin of low self-worth, and help identify whether or not it exists. I believe, It is only through understanding how this false internal belief originated that a person is able to consider the possibility that their perception may have been drawn from a false conclusion, and that their feelings of deficiency are not, in fact, evidence of truth or reality.

Since stress magnifies negative thinking patterns, and self-defeating behaviors; for a person, already afflicted with low self worth, stress can feel as if it is proof positive of one’s shortcomings. If low self- worth, and the associated negative feelings and self-defeating behaviors can be addressed before the college experience, young adults will be more resilient and less vulnerable to set backs.

This program has a lot of material, my recommendation is to read, and re-read the material or listen to the audio files slowly over time, so that the content can be more easily processed and internalized. Use the code FREE in the coupon box at check out to access the audio files.

Warm Regards,
Debby Fogelman, M.A, Psy.D

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